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“Around the US, many children are getting ready to head back to school.  But for hundreds of thousands of Syrian children forced to flee from the violence in their country, school isn’t an option.  Instead, those refugee children struggle to survive the hot summer.

“This fall, instead of starting classes, they’ll be doing all they can to help their families prepare for another freezing winter without adequate shelter.

“Syrians are standing up for peace, and the United States, along with Russia, is key to getting the peace process started – but two of the world’s most powerful countries continue to delay and put politics before peace.

“It’s time – past time – for the United States to step up and push to bring all the parties together for a Peace Conference.”

“Tell Secretary of State Kerry: We need peace talks now.”

“The UN estimates that there are more than 4 million Syrian children in need of humanitarian aid. They’re children, like 12-year-old Reema, whose family was forced to flee from the conflict, and are now living as refugees in Lebanon.  Reema wants to go home. She wants to be able to go to school.”

Reema  shared her poem  (translated from the original Arabic):

“When I take my pencil and notebook what will I write about?

About my school or my house.

I am deprived from living in my house and school.

My school, when will I visit you again,

To take my bag and run to you?

Destruction has replaced you

and taken the place of your ringing bells.

And without the students,

My house, my flowers, I miss you.

My Syria, when will I return back to you?

I have dreams that I can’t achieve and make come true,

And all I want is living with you in freedom,

Syria, my country, I love you.”



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