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Empathy is Vital to the Survival of the Human Species.


The events of today’s political scene are bizarrely twisted and fraught with anger, hostility, and one-up-man-ship.

I hear some religious people saying that they believe it is our responsibility to care for the poor.

And then I hear from other so-called religious people that they have no concern for the poor. They seem to believe that the poor deserve to be poor because they somehow did something to become poor.

How can two groups of people who profess to worship the same God and read the same Scriptures have two opposingly different takes from the same religion?

Try out this idea:    We interpret Scripture according to the way our parents treated us when we were children.

I had hoped that as we entered the 21st century that a more reasonable, more empathic mindset would take root in our Nation.

But the political scene today is Polluted with ……..

Anger   Prejudice    Racism  Classism  Sexism  Authoritarianism Mudslinging   Blaming    Invalidation     Hostility   Hatred     Arrogance     Disrespect       Discrimination       Scientific Ignorance     Self Righteousness     Religious Fundamentalism    Anti-Intellectualism  Loss of Reason   Money & Power     Lack of Empathy   The Need to Control Women & Children    Total Disregard for the Needs of Human Beings………

The Ugliness that I see is overwhelming. I cannot find enough words for all of the Insanity I see and hear in our own country, a Nation Of the People, By the People, For All the People.

Congress is so blinded by Money $$ and Power, they have no Conscience and continue in their attempt to deprive millions of food, shelter, and healthcare.

What I hear most is a total Lack of Empathy for our Fellow Human Beings.

What I see is a huge need on the part of some people to step down on the Others of Our Society.


Martin Luther King      How hard it is for people to live without someone to look down upon, really to look down upon. It is not just that they feel cheated out of someone to hate. It is that they are compelled to look more closely into themselves and what they don’t like in themselves.


I think the missing elements are….

Empathy   Compassion   Respect   Caring   Listening   Acceptance                  Sensitivity    Awareness    Conscience Tolerance    Patience     Emotional Intelligence.

What I see today in the American Political Scene is Out & Out Racism and Hatred and a Cold-Blooded Disregard for the Human Race, especially for those at the bottom of the barrel.

There Is A Label For This Kind Of Irrational Thinking.

It Is Known As The Authoritarian Personality Disorder.

Wayne Weiten describes the phenomenon. I think if you look at the following description and hold it up to the political scene today, you will see a mirror reflection.

Characteristics Of The Authoritarian Personality

Aggression     Hostility      Conventionalism     Self Righteousness

Need to Control others     Believe they are More Moral

Threatened by Social Change     Expects others to be Submissive

Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps

People who contract AIDS deserve their fate

Labeling other people and other nations as Evil

Organizes social world as In-Groups & Out-Groups

Belief that some groups of people are simply inferior

Belief that the world is a dangerous and hostile place

Out-Groups are a threat to cherished traditional values

Feel justified in Derogating groups deemed as less moral

Little exposure to minority groups & unconventional behavior

Grew up in Highly Religious & Socially Homogeneous Groups

It is OK if some groups have more of a chance in life than others

Must demonstrate In-Group Favoritism & Out-Group Contempt

There would be fewer problems if certain people stayed in their place

Cognitive distortions are an attempt to reassure a person that they will            not suffer a similar fate.

The next part is really interesting…………………..

The Authoritarian Personality Correlates Positively With …

Racism          Sexism          Classism         Anti-Semitism

Ethnocentrism          Social Dominance          Homophobia

Political Conservatism          Economic Conservatism

Lack Of Empathy

It is all about CONTROL OVER OTHERS. Without control over others, the Authoritarian Personality fears being Controlled by Others.

O.K.  So, How Do People Develop An Authoritarian Personality Disorder?

This is a question that I do not often see addressed in mainstream Media. It seems people are a little/a lot! afraid to ask just how does this happen.

So how does one develop all this Hostility and Anger, a total Lack of Empathy and Flagrant Disregard for the Conditions of Human Life?

No federal assistance for Tornado Victims???

The Answer Is Simple, But It Is Also The One Reason That Most People Reject…………and that is…………………They themselves were abused children.

How people become Angry, Hostile, Uncaring People has its Origins in Abuse. Look back up the page a little to the Characteristics of the Authoritarian Personality. That list describes the kind of home life many people have grown up in. It is not a healthy way to raise Children. It is a Toxic Atmosphere that produces Highly Dysfunctional people.

Many people will deny that their Home of Origin was abusive. Many people want to forget the abuse because it hurts too much to remember how afraid and frightened they were when their parents yelled and screamed at and hit them.

How many news articles do you read each day online that disagree over the definition of child abuse? If I allow myself to read the commentaries afterwards, they are often full of sarcasm and bitterness. People cannot even agree on what child abuse is.

Many people do not believe that spanking is child abuse.

But I am here to tell you: Hitting a Little Kid Is Child Abuse.

It’s nothing more than a Power Trip.

Ask your four year old or five year old: When I hit you, are you Afraid? Frightened? Angry? Scared? Do you remember that I love you when I hit you???

Many people cannot bear to look back into their own lives and admit to the fear they harbored when their parents hit them. They have an incredible need to believe that their parents loved them, and if their parents hit them, then they must have had a good reason, like….”I’m a bad person.”

There are some who will say, “I was hit and beaten, and I turned out OK.”

I know for sure they have not turned out OK.  I see their anger, their denial, their bullying behavior towards others, their lack of empathy.

The child is Emotionally Deformed by the abuse. The child is helpless. He is at the mercy of the parent.

Children who suffer severe abuse have Abnormal MRI’s, brain damage which may or may not be reversible. Add to the mix the colicky baby, the kid with ADHD, learning disorders. And the situation becomes even more volatile.





Sheldon Kopp:   Childhood is a Nightmare.


How could you possibly grow into a Responsible Loving Compassionate Empathic Person when you have never experienced Love Empathy Compassion Understanding Respect Tolerance?

It becomes necessary as the Child develops and grows into Adulthood to repress this pain and fear and terror. And when that child becomes an adult, he represses his pain only to visit that pain upon his own child.

I can’t help but think that the verse, “the sins of the fathers unto the third and fourth generation,” refers to the abuse that we hand down to our children and they to their children.

And in the case of our Presidential candidates and half of Congress, all of their fear and anger becomes fixated upon The Have-Not’s, The Least Of These, and on Those Who Are Not Like Us.

The Rest of America needs to wake up soon and take drastic measures to Resist, to Halt, to Counter, to Stand Against, to Challenge, to Contest, to Oppose, to Dispute, to Buck, to Deflect, to Defy, and to Vote against those ………………………………………………………………………………………who would deny aid to disaster victims, who would take away Social Security checks of those who truly need it, who would cut monetary aid and school breakfasts for Children, who would take away Healthcare from those who cannot afford medical care, who would take money from those who live with illness and can no longer work, who would destroy woodlands & oceans & wildlife, who would pollute the very air we breathe.

It might hurt for a while when we recognize that our own parents abused us in response to having to suppress the reality that they had been abused………..but when we acknowledge our pain, then change is possible.

It is the only way we can communicate and build relationships, not only with our own families but also with the rest of Humanity. If we could just take a deep breath and allow ourselves to be more Empathic, more Compassionate, more Understanding, we could work toward more Peaceful Solutions to the problems that we encounter at home and with the rest of Earth’s population.


Martin Hoffman:   The Roots of Morality are to be found in Empathy.

Read the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

Read the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Children.

In the U.N. Declarations we are all called forth to care for all of Earth’s people.

Venerable Wuling      Kindness will accomplish that which force never will.


Already, It Is Illegal To Hit Children In Sweden.

France Has Been Working On Making Spousal Abuse Illegal.

Why is it so hard for America to consider that Sweden & France believe in something worth our paying attention to?

Are we afraid that Empathy might make us look Weak???  

What kind of country do you want to live in???

What kind of country do you want your children to grow up in???


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