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The Problem……………….

Do you vote in the State and Local Elections and State Primaries in a NON Presidential Election Year? Do you know how important it is to vote in all elections?  Presidential.  U.S. Congress.  State Legislatures.  State Primaries.

State Primaries?!?

The Koch Brothers and about another 150 families in the U.S. are the extreme Tea Partiers who are closing down Planned Parenthood across the country, creating laws to hinder voting, who are trying to shut down the Environmental Agency, who are busting Workers Unions. These are the people who are trying to take Food Assistance away from some very needy people. 

The Tea Partiers are the people who want to deny you a Guaranteed Minimum Wage, a wage sufficient enough that you can eat and buy shoes and clothes and have a birthday party for your child.

And they are working at this not only at the National level, but also in your State Governments, in your State Legislatures, and with your Governors. The Tea Partiers are LITERALLY BUYING the Republican extremists to effect laws in your State, laws that will deprive you of your Constitutional rights:  to vote, to have health care, to have fair and living wages.


And they have succeeded.

THE U.S. IS NO LONGER A DEMOCRACY. We are now a country that is being run by the wealthy, the “Less Than One Percenters.”  That is, those who make up less than one percent of the United States, but now who own 99% of the nation’s money. 

The Wealthy One Percenters are the ones who Deny Climate Change and would rather that you drink poisonous water in Flint Michigan, without complaining, and want to make it too expensive for you to invest in Solar Energy. These are the people who want to deprive you of Medicaid and Medicare and Social Security and Infant Milk Formula for very poor babies. 

Did you know that YOU the average voter can and should vote in Party Primary Elections?

Some of you will say, and me included, Oh, I vote in all the Presidential Elections.   But that’s not the question.  Did you know that you and I can and should vote in the Party Primary Elections, you know, the ones that occur in February and March and into August in a Presidential Election year?  The Primary Elections that allow you to be a part of choosing who your Presidential candidate will be for your party?

My first response to this question was, Oh, I thought that only the State Democratic and Republican Parties voted in the Primaries and eventually choose who will be the Party’s Nominee for the Presidency.

OK, I was wrong. Anyone and everyone can and should vote in the Primary Elections. 

Why didn’t I know this? How could I not know this?  I took Political Science and Economics in High School and College.  But somehow I did not know that I could vote in a Primary Election.

So when people raise the question, Why don’t people vote? Why are people so lazy? …  my answer is, I didn’t know.

It isn’t just complacency and laziness.  As much as I hate to admit it, some of us have been totally NON-schooled in Politics and have had absolutely no idea just how crazy the GOP has become. It wasn’t until I started reading DailyKos.com on a regular basis that I became aware of just how precarious our Democracy has become.  I have learned more about Politics and the Republicans in the past few years than I have learned in a lifetime.  

In my high school and college, Political Science classes were strictly lecture classes. It was seemingly implied that Democracy “ran itself.”  It was never discussed that in fact it was humans that “steered the course” and that Democracy could be manipulated to serve those with money and the heck with the rest of us.

Remember when Al Gore ran against George Bush II?  Mr. Gore accused the state of Florida with gerrymandering and thus manipulating the outcome of the Presidential election? Well, today, research has shown that Mr. Gore was correct and that the vote counting in Florida was fraudulent.  Gerrymandering at its best.

Today we have the Koch Brothers and there are many other money people out there who are buying off the Republican vote and implementing their plans to derail Democracy to their benefit. Like lower taxes for themselves or none at all.  Without taxes how will we repair roads and bridges and fund schools?

Think of the current stories of how the Governor of Michigan poisoned the drinking water of Flint Michigan. Think of the Governor of Wisconsin who busted the workers unions and told the people of Wisconsin that busting unions will be beneficial to the workers. 

These guys are being paid by the wealthy of this country and especially the Koch Brothers to do these things. The only people who benefit are the wealthy.  They think they don’t have to obey the rules of the Law of the Land, the Constitution of the U.S.  These are the people who are trying to take Health Care away from you and make it so expensive for the individual that hopefully you will die sooner than you expected.

We need to do something to wake up the American people.  I know people who have no idea that the Corporate world isn’t paying its fair share of taxes, that there are corporations who pay zero taxes, or that the National Football League has officially been a Non-Profit organization for many decades.  Who let that happen?  Who even knew? 

For myriad reasons the American People are not getting the necessary information to make good voting decisions.  People just don’t realize how much corruption is going on in our government, and some people still think we are a Democracy.  There are some people who are so good-hearted that they can’t even imagine that the GOP would reject Obamacare simply because the current President is Black! 

Right now, today, the Republicans are being paid off by their benefactors to completely and totally obstruct the nomination for a new Supreme Court Justice. Their arguing point is that an outgoing President should not nominate a new Justice.  The Republicans have vowed to delay, delay, delay, until a new President is elected and takes office in January 2017.  That leaves us a whole YEAR with an empty seat on America’s highest Court.  Of course, the Republicans think they are going to win this coming November.  We have to stop them.

A Suggestion…………………

There has been some discussion about how to get more people to vote in all elections, ………………… and One Idea Is To Move All Elections To The Same Year. I personally think this is a great idea, …………………

…..and I think it is a Necessary Shift In How We Do Politics.  It would help people get a better picture of what goes on in our government, national & state & local.  It would allow people to see the bigger picture and to see how all the little parts fit together. 

We need to do whatever it takes to re-establish Democracy in this country.  Moving election dates might seem insignificant, but if it Galvanizes People and Educates People to vote for those candidates who really do have a heart and a concern for “the people,”  then We Would Be Negligent In Not Doing So.

Moving all elections to the Presidential Election Year could be a way to get ourselves educated and informed. Maybe it’s like a jigsaw puzzle; all the pieces must fit together in order to see the whole picture.  I think it focuses more scrutiny on the various candidates.  I think it allows the voters to do some “comparison shopping” with lots of input from many sources.  I think that by putting all the elections in one year, we would be emphasizing that National, State, and Local Elections are all important and that they are all interrelated and not to be taken lightly. 

A big part of the problem is getting good and solid information to the public.  Last year in Columbus OH, there was an off-year election for the Office of Mayor for the city of Columbus.  Who knew, who knew anything about the up-coming election.  I knew nothing. I did not know who was running.  Few people turned out to vote.  And there were only two men running for the Office of Mayor, and both of them were Democrats!?!  I had never heard of either one of them. 

It’s quite possible that my radar was off-beam.  In the few days before the election, I was scrambling for information.  So, why was I clueless?  Did I not read enough local news to know about the Mayoral election?  Was there not enough data for me to read up on?  I don’t know. 

Get yourself educated TODAY!!! Tune into some decent and balanced news sites online.  Some of my favorites and most informative are given below:





Read something from these sites for the next three weeks. Conscript your family members and your friends.  Sit down every other day for three weeks and take a look at some very informative news stories.  See the other side of the picture.  Don’t be afraid of the words like, progressive, ideological, being bold. 

“Times need to be a-changing.”

Fight to restore our Democracy, a Democracy of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Information. Education.  Communication.  AND VOTE!!  All Elections!


By the way, I grew up in the Deep South.  I have learned recently that Radio and TV and newspaper news was sometimes censored, so that nobody got the whole story.  I wonder how much our textbooks were censored.  When Martin Luther King was assassinated, NOT ONE adult spoke of the tragedy, not one parent, not one teacher, not one pastor.  I’m still working on that one.