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We are sitting here two days after the latest school shooting, this one in a school in the state of Texas.  People are asking Why?  How could…?  How many more?  How long will this go on?

Well………. it seems we’ve been asking this question at least since 11/22/1963.

I just listened to an interview by American Historian Jill Lepore on NPR with News Reporter/Author Robert Schieffer.  Mr. Schieffer recounted a story of his early days in news reporting.

Bob Schieffer met the Mother of Lee Harvey Oswald.  He remembered her as a cold and conniving woman with no warmth or empathy or any sense of grief over the death of her own son Lee who had been arrested as the assassin of the President of the United States. 

I am processing two things here. 

The first thing I am processing is the fact that I have NEVER heard anything about Oswald’s Mother or his childhood.  There’s been something missing in the History and Psychology classes and the books that I have read over the decades.

The second thing I am processing is that, here we were in 1963 with a cold and clear picture of a cold and a completely NON-empathic Mother and her cold and NON-empathic son who had just murdered the President of the United States, and today, we are still asking the same question, “How does someone become a cold and NON-empathic Killer of people, not just of adults but also of teens and children?” 

How long have we been asking how does a person become a cold-blooded killer?  And how do we stop them?

How long have we been asking these questions?

Subtract 1963 from 2018 and the answer is, Fifty Five Years!!  At least 55 Years!!